Zero Point Compression

Zero Point Compression

Abide with us and we will explain. The term zero point relates to the lowest vibration or movement possible. As you know, even emptiness cannot be empty of love. Love is the substance and the potential. It is the divine matrix. The zero point is therefore not purely a point of inertia because it holds the potential.

Zero point can also be considered the starting point or the point of return. The start of motion and for humanity the start of emotion. When you are at zero point you are clear of thought…in stillness and silence. This is always the point of re-entry. Re-entry into the state of motion and return. Cycles repeat, patterns evolve, holographic expression, cellular differentiation, repetition, expansion…. and compression.

The ability to compress zero point is a little like compressing computer files for storage. Taking out the unimportant with the intention it can be expanded back into useable, useful content when called upon. So to compress the zero point means to compress that which has no matter but pure potential. Compressed potential. The entelechy of creation. The fact presence of the unknown. Possibilities with intent. And the intent is the activator. Compress, compress. An intention arrives. Explosive expansion. Compress, compress. An intention arrives. Explosive expansion. The fact matter is not solid matter and it IS what matters.

Consider the political realm. Consider all the “matters of importance”. Enter the arena of debate. Enter from the place of zero point compression. No agenda, no motion. Stillness, silence. Statement or question presented. Intention to reply. Explosive expansion. Expansion of the fact bank…readied for a withdrawal. Impressive compatibility with the reality of Oneness – designed to benefit all. Zero point compression allows to remove the emotional triggers. It cannot remove the emotion of love as it is omnipresent. Therefore love becomes the matrix and is readily received. Love has the power to create the entraining phenomena where the lower vibrations entrain to the higher ones. The power of love. Love is always the answer and those who learn to come from the place of zero point compression can initiate explosive change.

The work is in learning a meditative practice. A daily practice. A setting of the zero point. The point of return. The work is also creating or accessing the library of fact. Scientific fact and fact that is present in the quantum field. Fact is not a matter of opinion or of different perspectives. Fact is what we refer to as present when viewed from all angles, all dimensions.

Let the work begin and return to begin again.

gagi      02/24/17