Rage and a Death Toll or a New Future by Design

Rage and a Death Toll
or a New Future by Design

atrocities witnessed
the inhumane – explain!
why do we live this way?
there is so much pain

simple alignment is like 6 o’clock
pointing at 6 and at 12 the hands interlock
a straight line so simple and what does it say?
opposite sides have a purpose
and can point to a way
opposite sides perhaps but as numbers the same
just holding different positions in a circular game
each has a perspective to share with the other
change positions sometime and see as another

we are not born with anger
we are not born with hate
and the fear that intimidates
comes from experience that predates

there is a point when one can take no more
feeling helpless, trapped, abused, ignored
perhaps all other avenues have been explored
too much has been held, one must release
so the rage erupts and the harm can increase

ho’oponopono, one way to change the cycles
being remorseful, saying we’re sorry
taking on responsibility for all, asking for forgiveness
expressing gratitude for the forgiveness granted
and offering love as a cherished seed to be planted

we can also write, design a new revision
to retell a story is a good decision
re-writing the story can take some work
go back to the beginning where the shadows lurk
change the story line using the same characters
can they show love and respect, creating new vectors?
can they embody an awareness so there’s never neglect?
how would we want this story to end? or connect?
how will it inspect, protect, correct, perfect?
what would be the result from the new story we direct?

no more haunting
no more fear
change the story, the atmosphere clear
and then all sequels will expand
in a new direction at our command

“be the change we want to have”

replace the rage by going to the source
create a new future by designing a new course
and then enter the new, healed from remorse

gagi     04/04/14