exploration of the new frontiers
conscious attunement to the atmospheres
positioning, transitioning, movement then still
all senses aware they’ve been emptied until…

from retraction, compaction, action ignites
and as birds of the dawn we lift off on new flights
our senses join new ones to record and collate
our flights documented so others can relate

the frontiers feel so timeless, no beginning or end
able to see all aspects thru our reconnaissance lens
able to project into situations and settings
experiencing the diversity, allowing and letting

letting go, it is gone, the need to control
to protect, interject, interrupt the flow
instead the observer, conducting our journeys
freely connecting with others sharing the learnings

communication, in relation with all encountered and
fully experiencing all directions and the ability to expand
new frontiers will keep unfolding as we continue to explore
always seeking
multi-dimensionally re-speaking
as we become the More

gagi     04/02/14