On Trust

On Trust

trust or bust
trust is a must
“in God we trust”

is trust not the very foundation
of our relationships?
is it not the safe place
from which we navigate?

and if trust in another is broken
can it ever be regained?
around these very questions
this writing will be framed

whether it was a vow
or a consistency of action
perhaps a promise
or of the expectation faction

someone, somewhere
for some reason commits treason
and a betrayal is felt
a hit below the belt

sometimes secretive
sometimes manipulative
sometimes with gusto
the results are the same though

a total bewilderment
how could this happen?
all one believed in
marooned, left flap’n


to step back and see
how another can be
with new eyes, a surprise
and questions run free

what was the turning point?
what provoked this deception?
what is the gift from this?
perhaps the best question

what if Creator’s plan
was to help us understand
that everyone is doing
the best that they can?

from each one’s place of perception
they make choices, choose direction
based on their viewpoint
it’s a choice not deception

then is there remorse?
do they recognize and change course
or is there a pattern
as if nothing ever happened?

can we simply accept
this was their journey except
also an experience
allowing for deliverance?

deliverance of awareness
it is not about fairness
it’s about how we all want to be
true to the One and the All

may we lead by example
our feelings can guide us
knowing never to trample
on another’s right to joy

to be sensitive and kind
and complementary to bind
our love with another’s
any misunderstandings uncovered

to be honest, authentic
working on our knowledge of self
and within this life we live
to know if we did not judge
there would be
no need to forgive

gagi     04/01/14