Tuning In

Tuning In

Tuning in
What creation is afoot?
I can feel it with my feet
on the ground where they’re put

There’s a streaming
and creaming of energies there
It’s the juice of creation
Tune in, be aware

There’s an energy sheath
that swirls and begets
a compounding of thought forms
into what comes here next

A bubble, a hiccup
a rumble, a snore
They are sounds of creation
being completed next door

Or better yet –
right under our floor

If we tune in and tap in
we will soon understand
We are creating what’s coming
and changing the look of this land

We are clearing and dissolving
the old and obsolete
and all out of integrity
we will simply delete

The open canvas, to be our masterpiece
is now taking form
Stay conscious, stay tuned in
for the New to be born

gagi     03/31/14