Cloud 10

Cloud 10

Cloud 9?
To be on cloud 9
A state of happiness
that is divine

Cloud 10?
What then?
A peaceful wholeness
A state of zen

It’s from this place
where we began
we bring to form
a vision or plan

Empty state
State of zen

Destination Cloud 10

We know we’re there
We breathe the air
We’re connected to
the infinite view

A vision that is held
can be used to meld
with complementary

Expand, expand
thru the photon band
Paint, decorate
with senses ornate

And once it is built
give the whole vision a tilt
Press the play button and see
what manifests to be

Watch the action
Observe the attraction
to the vision or view
initiated by you

Then jump in and play
and manifest away
By bringing into form
a new world is born

gagi     03/31/14