The Magic of Us

The Magic of Us

All aboard
Come on the school bus
We are going on a “field” trip
to visit the Magic of Us

We’re not going to the zoo
or to the firehall
We are going to a place
that encompasses it all

The funny thing that is
is we do not have to leave
for to find the place we’re going
we’re in the warp and weave

We are there right now
School bus and all
and we are so connected
we can read it on the wall

Place your hands right there
gently upon your hearts
Breathe into that space
for that is where it starts

We don’t need to fly from here
into outer space
We can feel our connectiveness
breathing love and breathing grace

Breathe in the Air
invisible but there
Feel now the Earth
and her vibration of mirth

See now the Sun
and feel your Fire within
and realize that in Water
is where life did begin

The elemental magic
The mix and mixing bowl
We were individuated
yet only as One are we whole

We cannot move without
sending out a ripple
and that ripple bumps another
and goes ripple, ripple, ripple

The Air that we breathe
The Earth and the Fire
The Water that we’re made of
We share we don’t acquire

Every thought that we think
Every feeling that we’ve had
Resonates with others
Sad, mad or glad
Welcome to my pad

Perhaps we should end here
for the journey never ends
The Magic of Us expands from within
expanding the love that each intends

gagi     03/31/14