Rally for the Children

Rally for the Children

each generation has dreamt dreams for their children
each has held hope and love in their hearts
now we can care for all the world’s children
let us rally for the children, each doing our parts

for the parts of the world with accumulated abundance
it’s a wonder the Earth doesn’t tilt on her axis
for the first time ever we have access to all on this planet
we are interconnected and observers to all

may we all respond to the cry of a child
may we pick her up and carry her forth
it takes a community to raise our children
it takes connected hearts for humanity to morph

feeling into our passion, let us rally for the children
let us hear their deepest desires untold
let us give them access to the teachings of others
let us free them from where poverty has a hold

we can change this world by caring for others
the future of life we hold in our hands
gather together and reach out to the children
gather them in to our hearts and begin

gagi   09/18/15