A Wonderful World

A Wonderful World
precious is the rainbow arcing o’re the sky
precious are the puffy clouds softly floating by
and oh to see reflections on the stillness of a lake
there’s a swelling of the heart just for beauty’s sake
the scented garden beckons, roses in full bloom
the chirping of the crickets rise with heat of afternoon
the blazing sunrise then sunset colour glows all around
the honking of the geese as Vs flying soon southbound
blessed are the raindrops falling from the sky
lifting up aromas of a parched ground by and by
rustling of the winds amongst the leaves of many trees
grasses softly carpeting the ground with spreading ease
majestic are the mountains rising from afar
the ice and snow’s insistence their time is coming once more
rolling dry expanses softened by pleasant resting shadows
elsewhere there’s a flatness, steepness ending in mystic plateaus
the ever changing spectacle of the moving oceans
multi greys and blues and greens stir our own emotions
the great beauty of this created realm is a constant reminder
we give thanks to a wonderful world
we don’t have to seek to find her
for we are part of our world
wonder filled and full
of gratitude
for all that is

gagi   09/19/15