delving into the language of connection
there is always a multi-dimensional intersection
sometimes its the metallic ease of conduction
but often adding some resistance enhances the production
of multitudinal applications as with electronic devices
a conductor has the capacity to conduct light, electricity or sound
that can be measured or graded by comparing what’s found
a semi-conductor is an essential component of electronic devices
where its conductivity is less than a conductor’s but more than an insulator’s
its resistance falls as its temperature rises
the resistance of a metallic conductor rises with temperature
now let’s use this as a metaphoric application
do we operate more like a copper conductor or an insulator like glass?
when things heat up does our resistance increase?
or does our resistance fall as we insulate or protect from potential chaos?
to be a semi-conductor we have the adaptability to be able to allow
to allow things to heat up and as it does we slow the flow
so the process can continue without damaging the integrity of the greater whole
allowing things to flow without interference or interruption
as a pure conductor our resistance increases as things heat up
because we have a determined outcome
if our own needs become more important than the delivery of an energetic vibration
our interference can lead to the corruption of what is meant to be
as a semi-conductor we allow the self-organizing principles to play
without our causing any future delay
it seems we are consciously working towards that day when all will simply flow
allowing love and understanding to grow and changing to going slow
gagi     12/11/22