I believe you have something to share?


There is no lack
It is misaligned
Abundance existing
tho hard to find

Many live simply
Their needs are few
Their happiness quotient
is high and true

Others have access
to more than they need
Sometimes it is wanting
Sometimes it’s greed

How many clothes
do we have in our home?
Time to gift them?
Time to loan?

And what about eating
when we know best
We live longer
when we eat less

How many of our rooms
are understaffed?
Yet we heat them, cool them
with ‘lectricity or gas

If we fear we’re in danger
of running out –
what of those who
have to live without?

It is time to care
To deeply care
and practice the use
of ShareWare

We have a bouquet of flowers
and now there’s two
One is for us
and one for you

We’re going to shop
Will you come too?
Can you help carry our groceries
and we’ll drive you?

Share all you can spare
Support local

Be aware of how
others are living
Awareness ignites
the art of giving

It’s time to level
the field we play on
Draw a new picture
with pen or crayon

Draw how ALL can live together
caring and sharing
Loving and laughing
Reciprocal pairing

If we gave you a dare
it would be: be aware
of how many times today
you ShareWare

Share your wares

We dare

gagi     09/29/13