Titles Mean Nothing

Titles Mean Nothing

Titles mean nothing
They’re a thing of the past
They established hierarchy
They defined a caste

As we enter the Oneness
connected to all
we must understand our uniqueness
is not what we’re called

If we’ve followed our template
and expressed our true genes
we’re living our supreme destiny
and we’ve been given the means

The schools are still here
to train us with skills that we hone
but we now have clear access
thru the multi-dimensional phone

We just need to call
to ask for what we want
then listen, observe, tune our senses
and the answer will fall

Creative solutions
Empowered, refined
Received by receivers
tuned in and aligned

So doctor or lawyer
or First Nation’s chief
It is not what a title says
It goes beyond that belief

Their training’s important
but now it’s far more
The leaders in all fields
must be aligned thru their core

Aligned to perspectives
Aligned thru pure love
Aligned multi-dimensionally
Aligned to below and above

Seek out the aligned ones
They are here, they’re attuned
They hold the solutions
beyond landing man on the moon

gagi     10/01/13