Sleep III

Sleep III

practice your solitude alone in your dreams
take time then to rest from the day’s busy streams
to recharge to your fullness it’s important to know
going first to empty allows more to grow

sometimes it’s exhaustion, working too hard
or it’s excitement when something new comes on board
allow all to flow and listen within
the body will say when it’s time to sleep in

make some days flexible
don’t fill in all gaps
take a day of rest
so you can relax

most importantly know that you’re in the flow
and all that is with you will continue to grow
as all is being carried towards what you have seen
sleep then awaken into your dream

gagi   06/25/15

…along with this came a vision of a vessel floating down stream….it did not need to expand into an ark to carry those who wanted to go too…it was magnetic and attracted other vessels which joined up and floated along beside…