Star Medicine

Star Medicine
(woke to the words Star Medicine and an image of a DVD cover with 2 eyes and a star third eye on black or dark blue background)….
you have changed
how have i changed?
by stepping into the chamber of gyros (check out definition – gyroscope)
in Little Petra?
please show me how to use star medicine
tap into the universe within, utilize star light to heal
right hand, fingers together over third eye?
yes, as you were shown for your dvd cover – the star elect is there to “power up”
okay, so i power up mine? and feel the star systems within?
thru your third eye star you are “seeing” into the outer world
i understand there are those who see that way all the time
this is different – the landscape has changed
? seeing meadows Little Petra
it is about mirroring (seeing how the sides of carved buildings were symmetrical)
the full download please…
copy no one
share with all
be the beacon
hear the call
treasure the guidance
pleased to be
the receiver of wisdom
a new way to see
capture the essence
of all that is
be the new beacon
beyond the abyss
carry the tune
align with the moon
all beings centred
will do this soon
the full download please
show us how to use star medicine
it is all about receiving
entering the zone
moment by moment
you will be shown
centre yourself
breathe your alignment
ask for assistance
what is the assignment?
picture the one
present or not
visualize his third eye
focus one that spot
place or see placing
your fingers on that place
again breathe your alignment
and receive all with grace
beckon to the wisdom holders
ask them to flow
all of their wisdom keeping
all that they know
practice on others
as often as you can
seeing the empowerment
as a gift to your land
clear all the dis-ease
clear all that blocks
the enlightening star systems
from the welcoming docks
pager or messenger
whichever you be
receiving the download
is the beginning to see
star systems within
hold more than you know
their connection to everything
is starting to glow
expansion, in-lightenment
opts to conform
the inward expansion
allows new to be born
back to star medicine
the taste is divine
better than the sweetest fruit
or the best vintaged wine
instant and simple
that’s what is given
to be used for the clarity
of a helper’s decision
to be always of service
to help one another
to evolve in another’s life
to mirror for each other
holding the essences
of wholeness together
we can complement
the gaps in each other
star medicine teaches us
how to shine on
shining inner beingness
and being the calm
more will be shared
please practice this soon
you have been gifted this
with the new moon
blessings and thank you
your gift is received
ready to share now
this healing with ease
the love and the gratitude
now deeply expressed
i will return to the dreamtime
preparing with rest
gagi     04/19/15