Structures in Time

Structures in Time

structures in time are purely geometrical
at some point in time they become astrophysical
mesmerized systems aligning to be
inward perceptions of what we can see

points of contingencies offer to hold
spacious envelopments allowing to fold
fanlike extensions repeating a pattern
waiting to be recognised for what next will happen

extensions elaborated into new systems
carbon dated maximus prodated litmus
capturing reality almost extinct
going beyond what we can think

tubular access to all the unknown
cellular components to all that is grown
simple and stable the effortless divine
creating the substance from creators aligned

feeling it, knowing it, much is displayed
thru beauty and usefulness its value is portrayed
sameness, uniqueness complement each other
joining to harmonize, new systems discovered

splendid beginnings spin from the mix
offering solutions to the quagmires’ elix
separating only to envelop the more
inward expansion right to the core

letting go of the illusionary, see how we’re paired
then going beyond to see the pair squared
seeing then a threesome, a triangle is made
reduplicating to form four sided pyramid shapes

examples, preambles to more that is coming
formulated aspects for what we’re becoming
jewel scented colours magnified within
prismed expansions of the symphony we’re in

mixing and matching geometrical shapes
joining, aligning, a balancing that equates
into an expression of what can be dreamed
creating together from the time offered stream

spacial awareness crops up once more
being there, seeing where we’ve been before
absolute harmony is the goal of the times
simply the building of contingency rhymes

gagi   07/20/15