symbiosis may best describe harmony
where each benefits the other
competition released, need for recognition deceased
the outcome is the primary focus

a common passion to create
to combine genius to orchestrate
an outcome that will benefit all
symbiosis strengthens the call

to know one’s own gifts
and honour another’s
prevents having rifts
and also uncovers
the gold

the golden rule, the golden mean
the golden ratio, the golden team
in all that we dream of and all that we want
the gold is central, the default font

to write our history and see where we’ve been
one can see the benefits of the golden mean
balance and harmony, achieved by knowing
who we are and what we are growing

symbiosis is a natural part
of growing together from the start
evolving, creating the new from the old
refer once more to the teachings of gold

and the growing together in a symbiotic way
brings the word synergy into play
where the creation of the whole is greater than
the sum of the parts, the destiny of man

let communication be the key
to knowing each other and who we be
encouragement, discernment, excitement at play
may symbiosis become the way

gagi      03/05/16