The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

let us study the art of giving as a new way of living
and play it forward
let us bring to our neighbour something to savour
gifted not borrowed

the art of giving is sparked in the heart
an awareness of suffering, a desire to uplift
taking action to help others
or giving an anonymous gift
celebrating a life

can we mindfully live with the desire to give
and seek the opportunities daily?
can we share our abundance, our wealth of knowledge?
what we’ve acquired of value from this lifetime’s college?

a lending hand, an ear to listen
can we organize a drive for someone deprived
of the necessities of life
and what are they?

water, food, shelter and clothing are often quoted
love and friendship, peace and respect have been promoted
we can see the needs, the opportunities to give
to give of ourselves so others may live
cherished and cared for

let us seek within and expose our whole being to the art of giving
let us seek to become artists in the form
of generosity born
and give

gagi       03/04/16