Thank You

Thank You 

You came into my life
when i could not understand
what was missing, wanted
What was i searching for? AND

If i found it
what would it feel like?
What would it be?
How would i recognize it?
Would i be able to see?

And if it was there
would it be there for me?
Could i receive it
and know it was free?

And if it was then mine too
could i have more each day?
Could i expand it
then gift it away?

If i kept some for me as well
would it ever be limited?
Could the well run dry
or would it be infinitted?

Could i ever find myself
lost again and searching
for something i could not understand?
Something missing and wanted?
Feeling lost in this land –
could i ever feel such longing again?

I think not!
I feel so full
so expanded
so blessed

Thank you, thank you
for answering my request

Your loving kindness
was your gift to me
A gift to be passed on
truly free

It keeps expanding
I now feel joy
I’m so excited
It’s like a brand new toy
to be played with
and wanting to be shared

Yes to know we are loved
and that someone cared
to notice and appreciate…

It feels so good
and it is because
YOU are filled with infinite love

Thank you, i love you
And dear friend
your gift to me
is now mine to you
without end…

Thank you for growing my love
and may the harvest begin!

gagi     TBL