The Akashic Scroll

The Akashic Scroll

handed to us is an akashic scroll
it glows with a warmth and a buzz
they are waiting for us, for it’s time to unroll
they want us to write about the time that just was

on a planet that teemed with life forms of all kinds
primitive man fought for survival
but when in a safe place, surrounded by plenty
humanity entered into the pre-tribal

curious of others and attracted to some
they found by working together so much more could be done
they gathered together, looked after each other
developing systems and skills that could cover

cover more efficient ways to eat, live and be
language developed and soon they were free
to have time for art and be able to play
then communities grew in a totally new way

competition with others, who could be best?
then competing for food or for the riches was next
fighting erupted between the haves and have nots
they fought not for survival but for the bounty they got

the responsibility for oneself and for one’s family
soon got distorted in so much of humanity
the presence of greed and the growth of abundance
was no longer about needs and led to redundance

more than enough to eat, wear and be sheltered
confusion of values, all helter-skeltered

who had they become? where were they going?

a recognition now of what they’d become
so much, so much now had to be undone

a calming of attitudes, an opening to beauty
recognizing that love is both essence and sacred duty
to honour all life and to live in gratitude for all
new kinds of leadership, grassroots answering the call

this is the end, not of life or of planet
but the end of an era when no one knew we had planned it
now taking a breath, one breath that we share
let us begin truly living and loving and showing we care

gagi        11/19/15