The Magic of Oneness

The Magic of Oneness

can the magic of oneness ever be defined?
does the word itself indicate that we are confined?
can we come together sharing one purpose and heart?
how can we express oneness itself as an art?

when we are one, there are no egos, only the ego of one
when i do something for you
i also am doing something for myself
when you do something for me
you are also doing something for yourself
therefore there is no owing
in lak’ech, i am another you

oneness can have no boundaries, no limitations
there can be no exclusions, no prerequisites
only love, and love is everywhere, our very essence
and love is expanding, creating wholeness

why are we here? what is our purpose?
is it to know thyself? and by knowing ourselves
feeling gratitude for our very lives and opportunities given?
we have come together, here on our beautiful Earth
knowing each has a gift to offer and honouring each other
we will collaborate to build new structure and balance
connecting deeply thru our hearts and desire for peace

our one heart’s desire
to love and be loved
the resonance of love is multi-dimensional
it is the power of creation, the expression of beauty

the magic of oneness emerges from merging
merging our uniqueness into greater completeness
outer differentiation, inner heart resonance
entraining to the beat of Creator’s heart
entraining to the vibrational frequency of Earth
one heart, in symphonic resonance, in love

simply the power and the magic of oneness

gagi        11/17/15