The Anagram

The Anagram

pay attention to the value of the subtle anagram
the use of letters can be a performing art
the encoding of a message to be delivered
taken apart from end to the start

spacial awareness is once more defined
each letter’s placement becoming refined
all becoming the more of the desire to be
endless meanings we are able to see

beyond the letters are also many symbols
into multi-dimensional anagrams they can grow
symbols can be palindromes in different perspectives
consider the spiral seen above or below

mirrored imagery can be redefined
the swastika a reflection of an ancient design
does it carry the power of the symbol before
or was that the intention, subtle or more?

now consider our history here on our planet
are patterns emerging and symbols defined?
what is encoded in the sequencing of actions
what’s the real intention of messages intwined?

who can decipher the coding and symbols?
and what of the crop circles gifted to us?
what is the distance between peace and corruption?
is understanding emerging? are we on the cusp?

enliven the genders of humanity’s options
celebrate our journey into the new
anagrams and symbols are clues to the outcome
seeded to deliver, then to become what we grew

gagi   09/ /15 & 11/14/15