The Children, The Blessings

The Children, The Blessings

Be angry, yes angry
Conceal it no more
What’s being done to children
rots them to the core

They don’t need cartoons
full of fighting and hate
or fairy tales full of monsters
that keep them awake

So many movies expand
on society’s woes
unfortunate role models
this industry often sows

Such images and scenes
are stored in the brain
Don’t say they’re not real –
to the brain they’re the same

The same as having lived them
experiences all
Does a child not believe in Santa
or the magic of a doll?

We must stop RIGHT NOW
these addictions to fear
It turns children into zombies
controlled by illusions – a mirror

A mirror they are
to the experiences they live
Surely there’s so much more
that the elders can give

Just writing this poem
stirs the sorrow within
It is shocking to see
the state the world’s in

The Earth is a baby
She too was birthed
Her size does not matter
She’s more than her girth

This blue green jewel
from the heavens is seen
And how are we treating her?
Same as the children it seems

Fighting and fear
competition, yes greed
ways to have more
and that’s how we’ve chosen
those who will lead?

Shame, yes shame
the lowest emotion of all
Recognize what we’ve done
and how far we did fall

The new is upon us
and the children are here
Time to mend and renew
and engage a new gear

Gear up to embody
Love, beauty and grace
Be kind and be gentle
and each child embrace

Expand the love in our hearts
to be felt as we embrace
for the truth is it’s Love
that will easily erase

Erase all the pain
the suffering and fear
Focus on Earth’s beauty
And why we are here

The children are gifted
connected to afar
Let them be our teachers
Blessings of the Mar

gagi     TBL