Woken Up

Woken Up

Spider woke me up
Now what was that for?
She was crawling on my arm
I shook her off onto the floor

Sometimes at night
a message waits for me
Spirit now i’m up
what could that message be?

I have lit my candle
and have pen in my hand
Sleepy though i’m feeling
i am at your command

From the darkness of the night,
from that quiet empty place
we are closer to Great Spirit
and to living with Grace

Our minds are free from thoughts
and our hearts are awake
feeling and receiving
for the role we are to take

In our hearts we know ourselves
It’s the mind that blurs the truth
And so at night when the mind’s at rest
heart and spirit provide the proof

Why do we need the proof at all
of the divine beings that we are?
Surely it’s time to wake up whole
letting go of thoughts that bar

Thoughts that bar us from being whole
in body, spirit and mind
so that we may live our daily lives
being loving, compassionate and kind

We can learn to dissolve our thoughts
that haunt us through the day
by confirming if that thought might help
or replacing it with one that may

Asking questions and seeking truth
is but one way to expand
Sometimes we must simply clear our minds
meditate and leave this land

And so now i’ll go back to sleep
and enter dream time again
and when i’m woken up next time
i’ll know where to find my pen

gagi     TBL