The Force of Creation

The Force of Creation

the force is with us, the force of creation
we’ve been idling to receive, creative radiation
for we are the vessels, here to receive
and we are the builders, meeting the need

never before have so many arrived
here on this Earth plane, ready, alive
willing to serve and pull all into alignment
eager to participate in Creator’s assignment

some will undo what has been done
some will create the new web to be spun
all are here to connect thru hearts so refined
they know their common purpose
to be the love, as assigned

this is a difficult place to create what is new
and the beginnings of change have been assigned to a few
strewn across the plains of creation
there are many a stone and many obstructions
these fields must be cleared so to plant the new equation

the equation, the sum of all that is needed
the relation to needs, and instructions all heeded
disbanded from all the previous ties
expansive participants, experienced and wise

there is only one, one force of creation
the love in our hearts, all aligned in relation
in relation to that which is wanting to be
to be the solutions so all may live free

so what is required to change gear and move ahead
no longer idling so the manure can be spread?
the manure is the old, discarded from what we have had
ready to fertilize the new, repurposed, reclad

what is required is to be emptied out to receive
empty of personal needs, simply ready to be
to use all our gifts, to give all that we have
to be ready to grow, to create the whole not the halved

there can be no division for it is not our decision
we have come here to serve, connected to the nerve
that runs thru us all, straight thru our hearts
searing the obstructions so as never to depart

to depart, separate has been humanity’s fate
this is our one opportunity to serve now in unity
to bring peace to this world, to live in its beauty
to bring forth our gifts, our fiduciary duty

release, empty out
be love in alignment
receive the force of creation
our sacred assignment

gagi   01/28/15