Poem for this Morning – Incentive and Warning

Poem for this Morning – Incentive and Warning

we cannot say strongly enough
this is not a time to judge or rebuff
for all have suffered in their own way
we must recognize this then let it lay

if each individual does not step to the plate
to do their part, to orchestrate
there will be the same confusion, separateness
and be aware this is not selflessness

what is required now goes beyond ones needs
it is a multi-dimensional adoption of creeds
to design and build what structure, what form
that can sustain and support what is to be born

please understand this is not about “fixing things”
it is not about competing to be the best that brings
a new concept or way to create the new
all are needed to contribute then do

there is wasted time in going it alone
why do you think we have brought you the internet and phone?
if you want to see life compromised
take away the use of your ears or your eyes

we invite you all to bring your senses to play
there is joy in creation and it’s a new day
delete, refresh, begin anew
we are here to support and witness you

gagi     01/29/15