The Hallway of Indifference

The Hallway of Indifference
the magnitude of knowing
now in a global sense
creates that awareness
we live in indifference
we can travel virtually
to where others live and die
and yet by not really being there
we treat circumstances as a lie
martial arts attending
to the figment of existence
can we claim self-defence
as we protect with such persistence
protecting all that we have
with a fear of what we may lose
yet can we allow that others suffer?
will that be what we continue to choose?
can we walk that hallway of indifference
and ignore each doorway that we pass?
when we hear a call as we walk down that hall
can we not offer a helping hand?
be aware if we continue to not share
we will lose the right to be called human
the characteristics of humankind
are centred within our hearts and in being kind
let us open those doors
and share our abundance
practice love and compassion
and release the redundant
it is not required to protect our belongings
when they only represent our personal longings
to live in affluence – let us live as love
let us share our skills and gifts
and practice being altruistic
let us be compassionate, kind
and create a global design
that we may live in peace
with reverence to the beauty of life
gagi     02/03/22