The Importance of Timing

The Importance of Timing

here we are shown how to observe
the importance of timing so as to preserve
a semblance of order to all that we do
it’s with timing, with timing that construction ensues

“honour the way you bring the present back from the future”

we are travellers of time each carrying our visions
and the coming together enables decisions
the timing to decide on just what to do
is linked to the importance of each rendezvous

understand we are called to gather as friends
there is no coincidence to the groupings or blends
so each must turn up when the timing is synced
or there can be a fracture in what must be linked

can you see how important timing can be
if one holds the material and the other the key
do not assume that a key always fits
but the fact that one carries one is an opportune bit

we are each given a chance to try out our key
and often we’re given just one opportunikey
the timing, the grids, the construction that’s happening
must be precise or there’s a danger of collapsing

when we are given a chance to come together and build
we’ve been selected from a very unified guild
understand that each member has specialized talents
and coming together brings all into balance

now timing is not as simple as a clock
so go to the drawing board and pick up your chalk
there are three aspects of timing to know
scale, percentage and priority …. so ….

scale…zoom in, zoom out, enlarge or shrink
setting reference points to define or to link
the scale of timing is hard to describe
for it’s been limited, confined by the ways of your tribe

percentage is simple, a way to divide
to portion or share as a way to abide
what percentage of time can we each ask to use
when considering the whole where all have their views?

priority cannot be from one’s own perspective
we represent many, for we’ve been elected
priority is set by the ensphering collective
and if we’re attuned, we will all be selective
knowing the importance of when to evoke
the mastery of converging at just the right stroke

“just on the stroke of time”

gagi   01/31/15

8 Batz
weaver of time
Mayan new year’s day

* this poem includes a sharing of multi-dimensional teachings