To the Greatest Love of All

To the Greatest Love of All

today there is a choice
to be angry or disappointed
or to connect deeply thru love
surrendering to the greater whole

i choose love

and a pattern emerges

when others work so hard
to seek to understand
when help is offered
and is there but for the other’s command

and all is laid before them
just as they have asked
and a back is turned
ignored it

communication is the key
always has been
will always be
yet those who think they know it
get caught in their determination
to walk their solo path

and sometimes will never see it
though many around them can
an unfortunate time to have this
when it is Creation’s time to plan

and so we are each asked to look
look deeply in a mirror
what is it looking back at us
is it love or is it fear?

do we see and love ourselves
as complete and as divine
or do we focus on our faults
and of others all the time

are we open to be the change
as opportunity presents
or are we determined to ignore it
because of our “resents”

let it go
let it go
past suffering is ours

to learn from or to scar

such plentitude
to share as we are here to do

passion, desire, commitment

i am grateful for all that is
i am grateful for this life

i am here
to live beyond fear
to be in loving service
to the greatest Love of All

gagi     01/30/15