The New Moon

The New Moon

the new moon from now until noon
carries the energy of renewal
the new moon, the unseen until soon
blessed as the mysterious jewel

the hidden jewel, the pearl of the skies
reflecting back, nothing at times
and in the darkness, in that empty space
we return to our centres to commune with grace

a new beginning, a newness so fresh
such pure potential, let us catch our breath
the canvas is empty, all structures unformed
co-creators gather holding visions to be born

in sacred alignment, readied to bring
into the world a desire to sing
of the beauty of love, of the gentle and kind
from a permanent bridge ‘tween the heart and the mind

and as we understand that our hearts beat as one
we now access a multi-dimensional mind that’s the sum
of all our perspectives, of all our gifts
a treasure chest for the making
of all that uplifts

gagi      02/08/16