To the Ones Who Commit

To the Ones Who Commit

passionate influence comes straight from the heart
a knowingness, a motherhood that wants to impart
the next generational evolving involvement
bursting with co-creative and inspirational co-content

a mapping, a wheel, a spin to reveal
extraordinary alignment allowing participants to congeal
into a mega-force of ultimate strength
ready to bring change thru the timeline’s full length

seen from a distance, a line is always a curve
flexible, spiralling, an evolutionary nerve
vibrant with passion, it is love it transmits
and love for all is the quality of the ones who commit

a point on the timeline is arriving so soon
marked by the influence of the returning new Moon
invisible to most, but to others who know
the potential from the dark void, from the emptiness
is what allows us to grow

gagi      02/03/16