The Obsidian Egg

The Obsidian Egg

which came first?
the lesson or the egg?
comprehension annihilated
when the last scene was played

the old is cut away
we begin the new day
and all we now need to release
is only yesterday

the morning is upon us
we begin the day anew
holding the obsidian egg
it contains all we can do

we’ve been gifted the connection
to all that is – we have
holographic multi-dimensional language
to use now on our path

some very young children know it
they know how to use
the multi-perspectives
before agreements are infused

and we can all learn
from their leadership here
how to speak a new language
from a consciousness that’s clear

starting with three words
that are globally known
for heart and for water and
for timing (a 3 tone)

these are three energies
they are the first three
multi-dimensions agreeing
on their important priority

we need the heart, the heart centre
to feel into all that we do
and water,  precious water
is the life blood – so true

water holds the codings
of all that we’ve been given
it is there to be accessed
before making a decision

and timing – so important
consider these three that rhyme
priority, scale and percentage
as the elements of time

work with these energies
as we begin the new
their importance will be
revealed in all that we do

to be in high coherence
that heart-centred space
is to live in a oneness
connected to grace

to honour our water
as our new currency
how do we share
in this new emergent sea?

and the timing, sacred timing
of all that we do
humanity’s evolution must be
built on the New

gagi     11/14/13

annihilated – to make into nothing (Wikipedia)
rhyme – corresponding sounds or vibrations