Is it legend or history?
Always a mystery

Message received:

all that you have heard
all that you have read
time to put it all away
and create the new instead

copy no one
be your uniqueness
expand your consciousness
consider obliqueness

give it your best shot
know you cannot be bought
live as your higher self
embody love and wisdom

listen to the little ones
especially granddaughters and sons
they’ve arrived encoded
they are fully loaded
to bring in the New

throw out old rules and ways
time to watch what we say
what we think and what we do
we are manifesting the New

go within
be quiet too
seek the path that’s best for you
and remember always what is true
what’s best for me must also be
best for you

release old habits
dance a new
steep in nature
she embraces you

the waters now
are cleansed and pure
they hold the prayers
sense the allure

the waters are charged
with all we need
to bring in the New
water and seed

capture the essence
start right now
begin a new life
with a precious vow

vow to remember the lessons
from the past
and live the love
so love can last
forever more

gagi     11/11/13