The End of Suffering

The End of Suffering

The end of suffering?
Where did it begin
What was the problem?
The original sin?

Perhaps we should throw out
all we have been told
And create a new story
A re-make that is bold

Let us begin with an intention:
We intend to change this dimension
Like oil held in water in suspension
when it covers the whole surface
there is tension….
Shake it up
Empty the cup
And begin again

An empty vessel
A potential to fill
Careful choices
Imagination and skill

Working together
to plan the New
Mixing our gifts
with Love as glue

Knowing our future
is all accessible
Releasing old habits
the infinitesimal

Creating new pathways
Experiencing new ways
Paving the future
Fulfilling our days

We have arrived
at the time of the New
To end the suffering
is what we will do!

gagi     11/10/13