Aphrodite wants to speak
She has the message of the week
Quiet now, come into alignment
She speaks to you and gives an assignment

The miracles of Love have not been expressed
It is time, the time of times, for this to be addressed
Cooperation is not enough
Go deep in your hearts and feel, don’t bluff

So many have hearts that are encapsulated
Crusted with protection that’s extrapolated
from fear and suffering and a desire to be safe
It cripples the heart and it loses faith

The energy has arrived to melt this away
Protection and blocking not needed today
We have entered a time when we’re set free
We can feel again and can simply be

And what is it that we be?
Who are we?

We are Love, that is IT
In every cell, in every bit

Feel the Love that is yours and mine
We are connected thru an ocean divine
We are connected thru a liquid or gel
Every thought or movement others feel as well

So be that Love that you truly are
Your loving vibrations will fill the Mar
The Ocean of Love, the place of expansion
It is calling us now to Creator’s mansion

To be part of the New, a creator yourself
Embody your love – it is your wealth
Love for yourself and love for all life
Love for the children, your husband, your wife

Love for the immensity of all the potential
that we access this day from every dimensional
Creation ignited from a point of convergence
A torus alignment that brings an insurgence

An insurgence of Love and of wisdom too
Brought into the middle, a powerhouse of NEW
Combined and enhanced with All that Is
Soon to be unleashed, birthed and ’tis

Going to be a miracle, a miracle because
we’ve worked for lifetimes for this cause
to grow and learn and experience Love

So many experiences – a treasure trove
The trees are whispering in the grove
and the wind carries their scent

gagi       11/05/13