A Flower

A Flower

Let us start with a flower
It represents life
A growing creation
in the kingdom of fife

Catapult in to the realms of unknown
and there you will see how the seeding is sown

All of the magnitude of options are known
A handful of seeds can be broadcast and blown
into the corners of everywhere grown
and every seed’s focus is to flower a home

A home is for resting, for beauty and joy
and into this home comes a pollen envoy
It’s a colourful place and is scented with love
and can be held on a plant near the ground or above

Seldom if ever the flower will wilt
before it has hosted a bee with its gilt
The bee comes to visit and carries away
the pollen, the nectar to serve a new day

The fruit of the flower can take many a form
It becomes nut or seed or is fleshy like corn
And the fruit holds the seeds in a long lasting way
so it can be transported to a new site to grow and to stay

To stay and begin what we’ve already seen
There are multitudes of seedings going on and again
take note of the flower, the crowning jewel of a plant
and know it to be just what heaven has scent

gagi     11/04/13