The Question

The Question

He came striding up to me
I thought it was a dream
But it couldn’t be

His presence was real
I still see his form
…and his energy i feel

It was his question
That woke me up
And i sit to ponder it
With tea in my cup

With strength and purpose
And eagerness too
He asked me the question,
“Who ARE YOU?”

I woke up instantly
With a start
And asked my own question,
“Am i doing my part?”

What a gift
The question that was asked
It asked me to answer
And feel into my past

Who AM I?
I cannot lie
My quest in this lifetime
Has been to try
To try
To define

What if “i”
Is but an eye
Able to see
Kind of a spy

If i am simply
An observer here
Can i let go of ego
And just see and hear?

If my life’s purpose
Is to simply be
As a human be-ing
I feel what i see

The feelings are in
My heart not my head
Can they truly remain there
So the ego’s not fed?

If i’m a divine spirit
Who has come here to live
Who i am has a purpose
And that is to give

And what of value
Have i to give?
It is love and compassion
In service i live

I am also a dreamer
With a vision i see
Here to bring it to form
So all may be free

Free from suffering
Free to feel love and joy
Living in harmony
Each a happy girl and boy

Like an unburdened child
Curious and alive
Filled with wonder and gratitude
Not just trying to survive

Competition for wealth
In the material world
No longer exists
In the vision unfurled

To live in balance
With nature and Earth
Sharing the abundance
The New Way we’ll birth

Who am i?
No different than you
We’re all dreaming the future
And manifesting it too

I am my spirit
More than body and mind
And it is spirit that guides me
And is loving and kind

Body and mind
Are the tools i’ve been given
The vehicle and computer
How to be driven?

I am the driver
Responsible for
Maintenance of vehicle,
Computer and more

Choosing the software
Updating the old
Checking the filters
Protecting the untold

Carefully choosing
What data to store
Deleting the rest
Leaving integrity at core

I am grateful for these tools
Enabling me to take action
Able to help
And expand the contraction

Expanding the heart
And the heart connections
Retrieving wisdom and love
Stored behind past protections

Thank YOU for the question
It has helped me to see
I am part of the whole
And able to be

A spark to the change
We are creating the new
Let us replace the number 2
With the adverb “too”

Duality that has led
To competition and greed
Also gave us contrasts
And experiences to heed

Let us return to
The Oneness we knew
Oneness is harmony
And balance too

And so for the pondering
‘Tis time to start this day
I have a question for you
And will ask if i may?

His question to me
Is an easy clue
And now i will ask,
“Who ARE YOU?”

gagi    TBL