White Eagle

White Eagle

White Eagle alights
and a stillness is shared
Feel what she ignites
Has your soul been bared?

She sits there and waits
No drama, no stance
She’s waiting for you
to commune with a glance

The eye of the Eagle
can penetrate all
and her wings when spread
lift her out of a fall

So open your eye
the one that sees all
and spread your wings
and soar out of your fall

Fly as the divine
the divine spirit you are
Fly above the chaos
and with vision, see far

There on the horizon
in the light of the dawn
is what was seeded in the dark
Now what will it spawn?

Fly and encircle it
See it and be
Watch over the creation
of all that you see

Blessings dear ones
who carry the sight
Blessings to all
and with Love take flight

gagi    TBL