Time is Collapsing

Time is Collapsing

Time is collapsing
Are you ready for this?
The pendulum is slowing
Soon a stillness will exist

A stillness within
A stillness without
For only through stillness
will you know what it’s about

Imagine and go there –
a place without time
How does one navigate
without the clock’s chime?

No more pressure
of having to go
No more feeling
of when things seem slow

Silence and stillness
What will come in?
What have we been missing
immersed in this din?

What new senses
and abilities will grow?
What new communication
will allow us to know?

What kind of awareness
will we soon possess?
What kind of situations
will we address?

A child’s first sentence
Was “what is IS!”
Can it be just that simple
as this sentence of his?

If time stops existing
and boundaries dissolve
past, present and future
as one will revolve

To be able to see
and experience all –
what choices will we make
as we continue to evolve?

To see where we’ve been
and the potentials to be –
won’t our way of being
be simple and free?

No more “what ifs?”
No more “did they do that?”
No more fear of trying
No more asking where we’re at

No beginning, no end –
a timeless expanse
We will all be connected
in this full consciousness dance

Imagine, yes imagine
how quickly we’ll change
when all that we’ve dreamed of
is right there in range

Like puzzle pieces floating
we’ll take and we’ll place
and connect them together
creating with grace

Beautiful, how beautiful
as a new world emerges –
our love and our gratitude
will pulse out in surges

And then we’ll make sense
of having lived in this chaos –
living then in harmony
released from our dross

And will we exist
just on Earth in this timelessness
or will we find doorways
to more dimensions, expansiveness?

The questions, the questions
can be used to explore,
to meditate and practice
going through that next door

gagi   TBL