Toroidal Eclipse

Toroidal Eclipse

toroidal eclipse happens when all are aligned
when the movement of magic is all but defined
seminal agents are contriving to create
a mystical emergence that has been in the make

composites are blending into a new form
soon we will witness what is to be born
capturing the aspects of all that’s divine
aligning to the beauty, the love as a spine

the movement of energy, of photons, of love
expands from the equator, returns from above
and at the same time, returns from below
entering into the poles, the poles of the soul

the radiant energy of each living thing
has a magical quality that’s wanting to sing
given the desire, a choir can become
all are waiting to hear what is to be sung

an eclipse will obscure the light from or to
it’s been happening for centuries to me and to you
and now there’s a shift, the light’s starting to shine
to create a new world where love is defined

gagi      06/23/15