Turquoise Cement

Turquoise Cement

Turquoise cement
Not sure what that meant
Was it some kind of glue
with a definite hue?

Turquoise, a new rainbow
A spectrum of love?
Turquoise, a new portal
connecting below and above?

Turquoise, be it fashion
a popular choice
Turquoise as a sound now
spoken with the voice

Turquoise cement
Is it heavy or light?
What is it binding?
Loosely or tight?

Perhaps it’s a facial
A peel for the skin
Or to pour a new patio
Blue lovers begin

Follow and play with
two words at the door
or simply observe them
No need to explore

Turquoise cement
A gentle turquoise mist
Connecting all together
The Mixologist’s mix

gagi     12/27/13