When Illness Prevails

When Illness Prevails

When illness prevails
One must lower one’s sails
Maybe throw out a sea anchor
or tie up at a berth

And as one is forced into a rest state
and lets go of the calendar date
there may be some discomfort
yet peace in the process

When illness happens rarely
to contrast sometimes unfairly
to a state of action and thriving
it may fuel the reviving

What causes our illness
our fevers or chilledness
may remain a mystery
or may go down in history

We may recognize the source of
an imbalance then the course of
a spin out of control –
how away we did roll

The peace and the quiet
allows all to settle
we try it
and balance is restored
and the lesson not ignored

One returns then perhaps cautiously
to an existence of generosity
now reminded the value of
precious time, rest and love

gagi      12/26/13