the pattern emerging speaks for itself
the violence converging follows some stealth
an exposure to abuse, an addiction to seeing
others being hurt to the point they are fleeing

is it the feeling of power, the reversal of roles
now they do the inflicting and witness the tolls?
the toll on society at an immeasurable cost
the hurting epidemic; until now we’ve been lost

the answer’s emerging, take heed, be aware
the story they’re creating, there’s no need to be share
they feed on the chaos, the discord they cause
our feelings of peace and of trust put on pause

if we take away their audience, don’t feed their addiction
will they escalate their behaviours causing more friction?
will it ever go away? yes, for we are responsible
everything has a spectrum; we are accountable

do we not subscribe to watching movies with violence?
do we not read books where the innocent are silenced?
and what of the games from childhood or computer?
we’ve been feeding this culture, now be a commuter

travel the distance, go from here, go to there
do the work of the peace maker, show how you care
do not support violence in any of its forms
throw out the past volumes and create the new norms

we don’t need the stories that stir up our fears
replacing them with brilliance can help change the gears
turn brilliant technology and artistry into stories of triumph
anticipation of mastery can replace need for villain or tyrant

time to rewrite the story, changing the old story line
changing the old ways based on duality’s time
contrasting the good and the bad of this world
replaced with endless creations of the future unfurled

a future of peace, with love as the language
a return to helping each other, eliminating the anguish
understanding that we are creating our world
it is time to take action and into our future be hurled

gagi   07/11/15

4:44 a.m.