The How

The How

the chaos created in this world of yours
ripples from the emptiness and sits on the shores
humanity must awaken to see they’re the cause
of all unrest and the suffering…then pause

pause and reflect on what can be done
to return to a balance and rise up as the sun
a new morn, a dawning of the way you can live
for suffering is not needed to teach how to give

to open your hearts and let the love in
to open your hearts and let your love sing
to be so aware that you know what to do
there is no need to ask, it is staring at you

the answer is love, it is the divine will
and all will resolve once you allow love to fill
the hearts of the lonely, those afraid or unwell
love has the power, all suffering it can quell

master the senses, master the art
the art of love is the realm where all can impart
impart their creation of solutions for care
care for all beings, to give and to share

illuminate the darkness, the imbalance, the extremes
bring into being the expanse of your dreams
dream big beyond all that you ever have done
yours is the opportunity for a new tale to be spun

happy endings indeed, that was what was
happiness can begin, carry thru and because
there never was an ending, you can carry it thru
on and on and make it even better as you do

happiness, love, freedom and connection
we are all together in this stage of reflection
the closeness, the ability to recognize how together
we can now influence the inter-dimensional weather

to plan and envision and be the new way
results are immediate and will be here to stay
begin and be, together as one
each a unique part of the sum
1 + 1 + 1 +1… = 1

gagi   07//08/15