Patterns Disrupted

Patterns Disrupted

patterns disrupted like a sound in the night
or a stillness erupted when a flock then takes flight
passionate entry into the field of unknown
simply by the wanting for new seeds to be sown

patterns or habits have too long been ignored
they are the entry points of what can be explored
to simply abandon all that you’ve known
lays fallow the field that waits to be sown

the field of aware, fertile and ploughed
readied for the planters whose journeys allowed
experiences in life to make choices difficile
wanting to be open with naught to conceal

planters so sensitive to the emotional weather
wanting to plant the new seeds together
seeds for survival and seeds for revival
revivals of the inter-dimensional tribals

tribal pursuits involving discussion and sharing
conscious of the effects of the decisions they’re pairing
paired into oneness for the benefit of all
co-creating the new and answering the call

the call to the field, the new season is here
time of planting and growing, for new shoots to appear
planters and nurturers arriving to work
creating a living and loving network

gagi   07/05/15

the word “networth” was also vying for the position of being or “having” the last word 🙂