displacement, replacement, whichever it be
fogs up reality so we cannot see
the illusions existing cover up form
so all that we’re wanting has yet to be born

having displaced our heart song with artificial beat
changing our comforts to become more elite
favouring those who accelerate our desires
even the needing of personal empires?

if we go now to stillness and quietly be
soon comes a stirring and desire to be free
the stirring expands to a breeze then a wind
let the wind blow and all thoughts rescind

the clearing, the freeing from all that we’ve known
is gently released by the winds that have blown
the landscape is clear, the setting is new
the parameters non-existent, inviting us to do

coming together, ensphering a point
the point of creation, waiting to anoint
with blessings and prayers to bring thru the divine
bringing it in thru our core, in thru the spine

asking for and breathing in elements of peace
the past and the memories gone with the release
gentleness, beauty, swirling to the sound
the elements of creation are near, they’re inbound

gagi   07/01/15