Old Habits Released

Old Habits Released

We have received
and now have believed
an explanation of where
we are stuck

It is simple yet immense
Our old habits are the fence
separating us from the new
paths ahead

The New has arrived
Those finding it have thrived
yet so many are stuck
in the past

Old habits die hard
Time to tear up that old card
and replace the old ways
with the New

As we begin a new day
whether at work or at play
Let us ask is this really what
we want to do

With a vision that we hold
that is both passionate and bold,
what we do is what feeds
that vision

To manifest a new world now
requires taking turns at the bow
to help steer us towards
what’s ahead

Old habits – what are they?
Examine each part of the day
Eating and sleeping, doing
and undoing

We already have access to
information that is new
that can benefit our own lives
and all others

We can become the new model
for others to follow
and thrive and feel blessed
by the change

Are we taking care of our health?
This body is our wealth
that can be sustained thru out
our life time

When we sleep are we at peace
having taken time to release
all the clutter in our minds
from the day?

And what we do thru the day –
is it paving the way
to a life that contributes
to all, the One?

Also knowing of our past
and that all our tokens have been cashed
what can we undo, revive, heal
or now mend?

All the answers are here
We can tune in and hear
knowing what is a choice
Being the voice

Weaving the new
It’s up to me and to you

Begin now each day
Happy in our play
Rejoicing with the change
welcomed, sometimes strange

Knowing we can do it
The visionaries knew it
We cannot fail
Release old habits, set sail

All aboard!

gagi     03/31/14