backwards in timE

backwards in timE

Consider, consider
living backwards in time
All life’s experiences
hung on a clothesline

Some are still wet
dripping to dry
Others are light
and in the breeze fly

To the wet ones
we re-visit waiting to see
how long it will take
to dry and be free

Backwards thru time
assessing the mix
A few heavy experiences
weighting for a fix

Commune with the energies
the wind and the air
Commune with the fire
and the warmth it can bear

Elemental solutions
to dry out our wet
Once the line’s dry
freedom we get

Consider, consider
now living backwards in time
from the last of life’s experiences
go back down the line

Remove them and stack them
gently put them away
and at the end of the line
start a new day

gagi      03/31/14