White Light White Light

an angel arrived

a messenger it seems
let us listen and see…
it’s about possibility

begin then in silence
and let all thoughts ebb
have an intention to be open
to the multi-dimensional web

sometimes it helps
to just listen and be
don’t label sounds
just let them float free

as we breathe into silence
a vacuum of sorts
we enter the void
access to all ports

we are the ports
and what will arrive
is often a word
or a vision come alive

how does it find us
thru the silence of nought?
we draw it to us
from our world of thought

the gift that arrives
is simple and free
the gift that is given
a seed of possibility

now we are the gardens
fertile and ploughed
wanting to grow into
what we have avowed

beautiful gardens
full of colour and scent
places of creation
for which we were meant

thank you dear angel
we know you were lent
to remind us of possibilities
and why we were sent

gagi       10/07/13