The Spiral Path

The Spiral Path

We are all travelling
on the spiral path
How tight is the curve?
Who wrote the draft?

There is no straight line
There is always a curve
On what scale that is
is hard to observe

On spaceship Earth
we’re spinning thru space
circling the Sun
with beauty and grace

The curve of Earth’s orbit
is only a part
for the Sun too is moving
on the path of an arc

The movement, the mystery
the spiralling stars
all connected thru Oneness
this universe of ours

Now flip it around
and spiral inside
Go inward, go inward
There’s no place to hide

The spiral gets tighter
yet the view’s so immense
in the centre of Oneness
where love’s so intense

Slide down and play
down that spiralling slide
Then expand past Sun’s orbit
thru star space now glide

Breathe and experience
all that we are
Infinite capacity
Each a pulsating star

gagi        10/08/13