The Synthesis of Light Within

The Synthesis of Light Within

The synthesis of light within
requires sound and water to begin
Cymatics studies now can show
what frequencies and water know

Sonoluminescence holds the key:
…when suspended in water
a bubble of air can focus acoustic energy
a trillion fold to produce flashes of light…
Is the photon disappearance Creation’s might?

To harness this light
a flash so bright
is the secret to
creating the new

Imagine a bubble held within water
Add a frequency of sound
causing the bubble to get hotter
The bubble implodes
emitting ultra-violet light
and the photons are gone to another site

Photon fusion occurs
and here it is known
what it fuses with
can change what is grown

There is no change in time
There are at least two sites
We are creating the new
with off-site lights

Is the frequency of love
the highest frequency of all?
Can we focus this vibration
on a bubble or ball?

And if this ball is held within
the water of our bodies…what then?
Can we imagine this ball holding our visions
and when it implodes it delivers decisions

Oh what we would change or rearrange
to create a new world of peace?
A world of harmony and balance
movement of diversity, a creative dance?

For the truth is it takes but a glance
thru the eyes of Creator to enhance
the future to be

the future to be
is how we now choose to see

gagi     10/09/13